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Yoga Breathing to Fight Against COVID-19

Yoga Breathing to Fight Against COVID-19

This article explains the yoga breathing and yoga respiratory cleaning techniques to fight against COVID-19 viruses and to build a strong respiratory system.

The COVID virus moves in two ways in the body. The virus moves downward along the respiratory tract;  nose – mouth – throat, and to the lungs.   In the severe cases of COVID-19, the virus moves upward to the brain through the nose and reach the olfactory bulb of the brain and then the respiratory center in the brainstem areas.

To stop the downward movement of the virus we have discussed the Ayurveda techniques earlier. This article explained how yoga breathing techniques like kurma breathing, alternate nostril breathing and yoga cleaning techniques like jal neti, can help us to improve our immunity and fighting capability against COVID-19 viruses. Several studies suggested that practice of proper yoga breathing exercises for a short duration (3 months) of time can significantly improve respiratory muscle strength.  Social distancing, hand washing, wearing face-masks and improving immunity are the key tools to fight against Coronaviruses. Here, we will also review the yoga breathing techniques with respect to COVID challenge.

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