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Yoga Resistance Breathing for Respiratory Muscle Training

Ray Yoga Resistance Breathing for Respiratory Muscle Training

In today’s hyperactive, stressful and hyper-connected world of overstimulation and pollution, keeping respiratory muscles strong, happy and healthy is a major challenge. A great way to establish a healthy body and joyful mind is to strengthen your respiratory muscles optimally with special yoga breathing exercises. 

In this guide, we’ll introduce deep resisted yoga breathing techniques and its various uses and benefits. We’ll then show you several ways you can verify and uses its power. You can use it alongside with your daily yoga exercises,  meditations, and medications.

This is a great way to overcome the difficulties of panic attacks, anxieties and hyperventilation. It has vast array of beneficial effects in the three domains of physical health, mental health and cognitive performance.

What is Respiratory Muscle Yoga Training?

The Ray respiratory muscle yoga training is a new way to improve strength or endurance of the inspiratory or expiratory muscles. This is a tool that can benefit just about anyone interested keeping stress, strain, anxiety, pain, and blood pressure under control. This yoga strength breathing training can be accomplished by breathing against a resistance.  You can build the resistance naturally with your hands, fingers, abdominal muscles and the nostrils.

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