Daily Teachings

Day 8: Living in Harmony with the Universe

Harmony is the smooth flow of life. Harmonious living means, establishing balance with the internal world and external world. Our internal world is full with thoughts, emotions, memories and beliefs.

Harmony and Mindfulness

To establish the connection with the higher fields of consciousness, we need to make peace with our-self. To make peace with our-self, we need to thoroughly know the consciousness that is housed in our limited physical body, within the five senses and the three dimensions of reality. We need to drop the imaginary mental formations – our habit patterns.

To establish the connection, we need to open the higher channels of our consciousness. Different experiences gradually develop various reactions in the body-mind complex, which creates unconscious habit patterns. These habit patterns are the true bondage in the journey towards enlightenment. The habit patterns keep the channels of our consciousness closed – especially higher channels. Closed channels create fragmented consciousness.

Mindful living is a conscious way of living – noticing the beauty of life in every moment. Mindfulness is the doorway to live in harmony with the Universe. Mindfulness creates harmonious consciousness. Mindfulness helps us to live in harmony with our thoughts, words and actions.

Mindfulness is the doorway to live in harmony with the Universe.
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Art of Accessing Inner World Without Meditation

Day 7: Art of Accessing Inner World Without Meditation

What is the procedure for accessing inner world without meditation? Normally inner world is accessed through Poetry, Narrative. Literature, Music, open-eye-meditation and Visual Art.  Here, I am giving below the thirteen ways to access your Inner World without formal meditation. The 1st Step of accessing the inner world is to understand your nonconscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. Inner world is deeply related with who and what we are and what we think and believe and what we feel. Inner world is the world where all creation started. The thirteen ways for accessing your Inner World are:

1. Choose your path according to your nature; Choose your path, based on your nature; all path’s lead to divinity. All paths are divine because you are divine.

2. Help others and do service for the benefits of other:  Try to help others that will bring more meanings to your life. If you think you are trapped in one negative situation of life, helping others will bring you out from the negative situations of life. It is working selflessly for the good of all without any expectation of reward, name, fame or even recognition.

3. Bring perfection on your action. If your focus is on right action, action for the greater good, offering this action without attachment, you will arrive in the light. You are light.

4. Understand Inter connectedness and oneness: To understand the inter connectedness you need to move to the deepest levels of your feelings beyond the physical senses andlearn to stand and act in our own truth.

5. You are more than your physical senses. Simply know that there is so much more, infinitely more, beyond what can be seen, felt, heard by your physical senses. 

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Day 6: Twelve Important Lessons of Life

You need to experience life in order to learn the lessons. Here are twelve important life lessons that have stood the test of time. If you practice them regularly, you don’t need to learn them in a hard way.

Open the window of your mind. Allow the fresh air, new lights and new truths to enter. — Amit Ray

Five lessons to come out from the negative situations of life:

1. Help others and Bring more Meaning to Life

Try to help others that will bring more meanings to your life. If you think you are trapped in one negative situation of life, helping others will bring you out from the negative situations of life.

2. Life is to Radiate positive vibrations:

Kindness has no religionYou need to go back and understand the big picture of your life. Focus your energy to fulfill the the dreams of your life. Life is larger than your job.

3. Rebuild Life from Inside:

You need to stand up and look for joy in everything. If you are broken from the inside, you need to repair it from the inside.

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Day 4: Daily Teachings – Deep down there is a rose in every heart.

“In reality, we live in every one. Deep down there is a rose in every heart.”- Amit Ray

rose in every heartPeople suffer in many ways – mostly due to blind beliefs and unconscious following of others. Understanding human unconscious thinking processing is vital for growth and coming out of the cycles of sufferings. Unconscious mental processes are primal and basic, hard-wired in brain. Conscious processes represent higher order values such as intuition, inspirations, caring for others and finding meaning in life. Happiness is often linked to the unconscious mind. When you tune yourself with the cosmic whole, your life will resonate on a higher level of consciousness. Normally, the minds of the common people are clouded with words of prophets and religions. They lost the connection with the cosmic soul. Mostly, they are carried away by the unconscious thought patterns. They lost the light of their soul. Hence, there is so much narrowness and intolerance in the name of prophets and religions.

Unconscious thinking is the cognitive processes that we’re not aware but they modulate our emotions and behaviors. Read More »Day 4: Daily Teachings – Deep down there is a rose in every heart.

Day 5: Daily Teachings – Innovation, Adventure and Spirituality

Be a Columbus, smell the fragrance of the new lands and discover them. – Amit Ray

Coming out of the monotonous life:

Most of us really do end up with a safe and monotonous life. Our all thoughts revolve around the routine works. We want to follow the safest paths. We give very few chances to our desires, passions and ideals to fulfill. It is correct, many people wanted become Columbus but ended up with nothing. But that doesn’t mean adventure and innovation has no value. Choice is yours. You can be most optimistic people who dare to take risk and fulfill the dreams. Otherwise, you can be one who just follows others. Who never give any chance the real you to come out.

Be a Columbus - Innovation QuoteLife is to achieve something higher – something positive. Being the most optimistic person you can transcend many limits of the nature. That will give a huge impact on your consciousness. That will give a huge upliftment in your evolution. In life, especially in adventurous life, discouragement may come. But if you are committed to your highest potential, existence will support you with new energies to overcome the limits and discouragements. Of course, you need to enjoy the journey.… Read more..

Day 3 – Daily Teachings Bhramari Om Chanting

“Normally life runs in a semi-unconscious mode. Bhramari om chanting can change that into a conscious mode.” – Amit Ray

Mindset for Om Chanting:

Bhramari-om-chantingPositive mind set, right attitude and good habits are the mark of conscious mind.  When we act on “semi-unconscious” or “auto-pilot” mode our behavior tends to become repetitive. This is why we are generally unaware of our behavior, in fact most of the time we are not even aware that we are acting unconsciously. “Bhramari Om Chanting or Humming Om chanting sends positive messages to the brain and the cells in our body and can actually reprogram our health and behavior. Humming Om chanting is an effective method to increase the nitric-oxide in the nasal cavity. Nitric oxide has many health benefits. It increases immunity and fights against free radicals and chronic inflammatory diseases.Read More »Day 3 – Daily Teachings Bhramari Om Chanting

Day 2 – Daily Teachings Gaining the Winning Edge

Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when and how to ignite the spark. – Amit Ray

Every one has the fire - gaining the winning edgeIn this competitive world gaining the winning edge is important. Gaining the winning edge is a habit and it can be cultivated gradually. Meditation brings out the best of you. Specially mindfulness meditation. It brings the concentration, confidence, control and commitment in life. Proper meditation removes the common distractions of anxiety, mistakes, fatigue, and negative thoughts. It gives the mental quality to focus on the task in hand. It gives the tough attitude to win – the ability to except situations and make them work in your favor.  It does not allow people to get frustrated when pressure and mistakes happen. Meditation brings enthusiasm and persistencey.… Read more..

Brain creativity three network areas

How To Meditate to Improve Creativity

“Meditation is a creative art. Meditation works in many layers and in many ways in our personality.  Meditation works in our genes, in our DNA.” – Amit Ray

Meditation Art“Meditation works in many layers and in many ways in our personality. 

Meditation works in our genes, in our DNA. Meditation releases blocked energy from the physical, mental and emotional bodies. 

Meditation is a creative art. Great paintings, great sculptures and great discoveries of science are the products of deep meditation. Read More »How To Meditate to Improve Creativity